by Patricia Rusch Duffey

Revealing dream journals kept for decades, Duffey writes about the images and their meanings.

Books by Patricia Rusch Duffey


DreamWalker front cover

DreamWalker explores the meaning behind images revealed in the author's meticulously kept dream journals.Definitions are given on how to remember dreams, making it possible for the reader to harness their power and make confident decisions about work and life.

Dreams and Schemes

Dreams and Schemes front cover

Penny's instincts, supported by her dreams, play a key role in identifying suspects who may be involved in a burglary. Her friend, Bonnie, is missing collectibles given to her by her late husband, Arlo. Dream symbolism points to possible suspects in this novel created around the author's real dream journals.


Spilling Ink

Hosts Katie Salidas and Jason Lavelle talk dreams and symbolism with author Patty Duffey while introducing her new novel, Dreams & Schemes.

Civil Engagement

Ken Lange asks Patty about developing your "dream muscle" on his Las Vegas-based radio program.

The Business Lounge

Host David Wright and Patty Duffey talk about her new book, DreamWalker, and how she uses dream symbolism to navigate through challenges at work.

About the Author and Her Dreams

Executive Career

Duffey spent more than 30 years in corporate America, utilizing dreams to navigate corporate decision making.

Personal Pursuits

Everyday images from personal pursuits hold special meaning when displaying themselves in dreams.


As for many figures whose stories are told in the Bible, Duffey believes her dreams contain messages from God.

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