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DreamWalker front cover

DreamWalker explores the meaning behind images revealed in the author's meticulously kept dream journals. Suggestions are given on how to remember dreams, making it possible for the reader to harness their power and make confident decisions about work, relationships and life. 

Dreams and Schemes

Dreams and Schemes front cover

Penny's instincts, supported by her dreams, play a key role in identifying suspects who may be involved in a burglary. Her friend, Bonnie, is missing collectibles given to her by her late husband, Arlo. Dream symbolism points to possible suspects in this novel created around the author's real dream journals.

Frosty's Blessed Life


From a story by co-author David Rusch: When Ben finds a cold and lifeless little rodent in their backyard storage bin, his dad comes to the rescue and brings the creature back to life. He teaches Ben that God wants us to take care of all living things, big or small, two-legged or four-legged.

Knock, Knock. "Who's there?" I AM


A collection of stories from real people who lived trauma to testimonials, moments to lifelong journeys, events and relationships, all with the same conclusion, that God is indeed at work in our lives. Written by everyday people who wanted to know more from the people who surround them at church and in the community in which they live.

Book Clubs


Dreams and Schemes

Get the group together to discuss the mystery of who stole Bonnie's collectibles. Here are some questions to get you started.


Everyone dreams, but some of us like to figure out what they mean. Dream buddies are helpful. Here are some questions to help you start analyzing your dreams or those of your friends.

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Dreams & Schemes Book Club Discussion Guide (pdf)


DreamWalker Book Club Discussion Guide (pdf)



Aspects of Writing:From Dreams to Time Travel


Patty appears with Rick Newberry, paranormal author, on Aspects of Writing with hosts James Kelly, Joyce K.  Gatschenberger and Janet Coursey discussing her dream books and how dreams play a role for other authors.

Spilling Ink


Hosts Katie Salidas and Jason Lavelle talk dreams and symbolism with author Patty Duffey while introducing her new novel, Dreams & Schemes.

Civil Engagement


Ken Lange asks Patty about developing your "dream muscle" on his Las Vegas-based radio program.

The Business Lounge


Host David Wright and Patty Duffey talk about her new book, DreamWalker, and how she uses dream symbolism to navigate through challenges at work.

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