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In addition to writing, Patricia exercises her creative side in music. Having played the French horn since junior high school, she enjoys being a member of an ensemble and plays throughout the community in which she lives.


Duffey's academic background in business education led to a career in marketing, sales, and training, with an emphasis in the foodservice industry. Today she works as an independent marketing consultant.

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Volunteer and civic

An active volunteer for many organizations throughout the years, Patricia focuses energy on the senior community and serves on foundation and university boards.

About the author

Analyzing business decisions through dreams


Throughout her career, Patricia Rusch Duffey utilized her intuition to help guide decision making. Yet, having been trained in analytical thinking, she valued the substantiation her dreams brought to her "gut feel." She shares examples in her book Dreamwalker.

Personal pursuits as analytical framework


Each person's dream life comes through using models familiar to the dreamer, such as hobbies and interests. Duffey explains in Dreamwalker how her avocation forms a framework through which analysis of dreams can take place.

Embracing spiritual guidance through dreams


The Bible contains many stories of individuals who received messages from God through their dreams. Patricia shares excerpts from her dream journals of messages she received and how some of them deserved more attention than she gave them.